The art of silvering, the procedure that transforms – as if by magic – a simple transparent pane of glass into a mirror, is a secret that Muranese mirror makers such as the Barbini family have handed down from generation to generation; this knowledge has been passed from father to son, from generation to generation, right up to the present day.

Quality silvering is a real prerogative of Barbini, as is the imitation of antique mirrors. It is the result of centuries of experience in the field, but above all so is the company’s constant research and willingness to experiment.


In fact, in the Barbini workshop today we do not just make traditional mirrors and/or imitations of antique mirrors using the silvering procedure, but also mirrors with special effects.

We also produce mirror decorations for glass panes, vases and plates using the same procedure used 150 years ago to make mirrors.
This is why today the most important local companies choose and entrust AAV BARBINI srl with mirroring their creations (chandeliers, vases, bottles, lamps, plates, sculptures, etc).

In the Barbini workshop we use no fewer than five methods for ageing a mirror, each of them having a dozen variations. These are divided into two categories: those used as an aesthetic factor, in other words for decorating a mirror; and those used for imitating an actual antique mirror.