The art of engraving on glass

Barbini Specchi Veneziani was from the very start created as a glass art engraving workshop and thus not only focussed on Venetian mirrors. This is because its founders, Nicolò Barbini and his brother Guglielmo Barbini, who have always worked alongside each other as well as being reciprocal sources of inspiration, were two excellent engravers, masters of this noble art, which boasts centuries-old origins.
Furthermore, Guglielmo also introduced considerable innovations both in the field of engraving, with the introduction of the corundum wheel, which Murano engravers still use today, and in the field of mirrors, inventing the mosaic style.

The harmony of forms and the delicacy of the designs impressed in the glass using coldwork is a quality that the Barbinis have maintained throughout the years until the present day.

Thanks to their special manual sensitivity, the Barbinis still carry out commissions, creating any type of engraving on vases, plates, glasses, goblets, panes, mirrors, sculptures and all other types of glass object.

They carry out engravings on the lathe, which has stone and diamond wheels. They are the only engravers using the ancient etched glass engraving technique with the use of the modern dremel, creating decorations using the sanding and enamelling technique.