If there is a place on Murano where modernity and tradition meet and mix, becoming a single entity, it is here in the Barbini family workshop.

Hand-cutting glass with a diamond saw is a technique that has always been used to make Venetian mirrors. Following the lines and curves of the mirror’s design, panes are cut which are then engraved, bevelled and turned into mirrors!

This is one of the phases used to create the Venetian mirror and, in the Barbini workshop, such precision is guaranteed thanks to the craftsmen’s experience and innate manual dexterity.


The Barbini company is young and dynamic, led by curiosity and a desire to experiment. Thanks to these characteristics, it has managed to distinguish itself and diversity from any other company in this field, mixing innovation with tradition.

In fact Barbini is the only company in the whole of the Venetian Lagoon to possess the modern Water Jet, a machine which cuts with water. Its state-of-the-art technology means it can cut any kind of material of any thickness.

Thanks to this machine, the Barbinis aim to take craftsmanship to a higher level, exploring new territories and striving to maintain a uniqueness that for centuries has set them apart.