Gli originali specchi di Murano

They can copy everything but not our history

A Family Tradition

AAV BARBINI srl is a creative laboratory, founded in Murano in 1927 by Nicolò Barbini, specializing in the art of glass engraving and the production of ancient and modern Venetian mirrors, as well as in the restoration of antique mirrors.

Nicolò himself handed down his artistic sensitivity and great professional experience to his sons Vincenzo and Giovanni, helping them to understand and learn to perfection the secrets of the trade and the different processing techniques.

Currently the company, which boasts a glorious family tradition in the field of glass, dating back to the seventeenth century, uses the work of three generations of expert craftsmen at the top of this exclusive technique, acquired through a great passion, a deep historical knowledge and a great professional experience.

All stages of processing (design, cutting, grinding, engraving, silvering and assembly) are carried out exclusively in Murano and personally supervised by the brothers Vincenzo and Giovanni Barbini and their respective sons, Nicola, Marco, Matteo and Giovanna, Andrea, Pietro and Filippo, capable of continually reinterpreting a priceless heritage of techniques and secrets.

To date, the mirrors of the Barbini family are found all over the world, from India to the royal palace of Thailand, in Japan, where in the 1970s they had enormous popularity and were used to decorate the walls of the most exclusive palaces in the United States. , in Russia, in China, in France, in Germany, in Iran, in Morocco and among the sheikhs of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as in the major local showrooms.

Furthermore, the Barbinis have always offered their experience and professionalism to architects, designers and artists, realizing ideas and projects.

Starting from 2018, the Barbini family company is registered with the “Promovetro” Consortium, an institution that promotes and disseminates the culture of Murano glass all over the world and, consequently, benefits from the “Murano brand”, the only official recognized brand by the Veneto Region which guarantees the authenticity of the glass “made in Murano”.

The Collections


Elegant collection of mirrors that in the rigor of the lines re-proposes, as in a frame, the precision of the paintings of the great Venetian landscape painter.


Luxurious mirrors that evoke the sumptuous taste and ostentatious wealth of 17th and 18th century Venice.


Varied proposal of table mirrors and frames in Murano glass made with the inspiration and variety that makes them always different and therefore pleasant unique pieces evoking the inspiration and unpredictability of the great Venetian adventurer, poet and philosopher.


Rich collection of mirrors that in the panache and movement of the decorations and workmanship echoes the harmonies and baroque fantasies of 18th century Vivaldiano Venice.


Admirable re-propositions of the mastery of the Murano glassmakers who worked in France at the court of “Re Sole”. Tongues and cuttings of mirror glass, ground, perforated and hand engraved, evoke the silvery glow of the canals of the lagoon city.


This simple line, but at the same time with attention to every detail, is characterized precisely by the elegance and simplicity of the shapes, as well as by the precision of the finishes that recalls the artistic flair of the Murano glass masters, who have always been envied and imitated by the whole world, up to the present day.