“The Engravers”

The trailer of “The Engravers” is out! It is a unique document of its kind, created by the InMurano Association, where the historic S.A.L.I.R. and the new generation of Barbini Specchi Veneziani, in the person of the engravers Nicola and Marco Barbini, will be compared. This is the third documentary film made by the Muranese non-profit association, this time focused on a particular technique of cold glass processing, wheel engraving. The Engravers will be presented in full at the 48th GAS Conference, to be held in Småland, Sweden in 2020!

A film by Elia Toffolo Emanuel Toffolo Caterina Toso
Photography: Piergiorgio Grande Emanuel Toffolo
Cameras: Sebastiano Bubacco Piergiorgio Grande Daniele Serio Emanuel Toffolo
Music by Emanuel Toffolo Edited by Emanuel Toffolo
Produced by InMurano