Venetian Artistic Handicraft

is an historic Murano laboratory specialized in the production of modern Venetian mirrors and reproduction of ancient ones.
Founded in 1927 by Nicolò Barbini, the company relies on the work of three generations of expert craftsmen at the top of this exclusive technique acquired through a great passion, a deep historical knowledge and a great professional experience.
All the processing phases: the design, the grinding, the engraving, the lead binding and a special antiquing procedure, are carried out exclusively in the Murano headquarters and personally followed by the brothers Vincenzo and Giovanni and their sons Nicola and Andrea, authentic masters capable of reinterpreting a priceless heritage of techniques and secrets.
This new catalog aims to develop and make known to an even wider and more demanding public the precious Venetian mirrors, jewels inimitable in their beauty and value, the result of ancient craftsmanship.